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About us

Bringing the stock lists of book stores worldwide to your desktop.

Booksearch.ws is revolutionary in its approach to using the internet on behalf of you the book searcher.

If you have had any experience of internet shopping you will know there is too much out there to find and compare items easily (e.g. over 6,000 bookshops with over 100 million books in stock). The transition to selling on the internet has been phenomenal, but old methods die hard. Companies are still laying out their stall in isolation, hoping you won’t discover that the next guy is selling the same product at half the price. We at textbookstall.com are utilizing the incredible information potential of the internet to give you the widest possible selection of books together with background information and the comparative prices.

When you use our site, one of our ‘shopbots’ (shopping robots) will take your instructions and then visit every internet book site and search for your chosen author and book title. Within seconds all the information will be brought back for your further instructions.

It’s like visiting every store in the world that sells books and comparing details and prices before buying, all from your desktop.



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