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Search tips

Simple worldwide search

Enter a single word (or part word) in any or all of the search boxes.

Click on ‘Search’ when ready.

If you make a mistake then retype the error or click on ‘Reset’.

Try not to use specialist characters like ‘&’ or ‘*’ or ‘?’ which may have unexpected results

Advanced books search

If you want to search for bookshops in a particular country only (e.g. USA or UK), then select from the ‘Book Dealers in which country’ pull down option. The alternative and default is for bookshops worldwide.

The default for the choice of Book Listing Service is all of them. This will return the maximum ‘hits’ for the book you are looking for but at the expense of time taken. If you are looking for a very rare book then leave all the listing services flagged.

But remember with over 100 million books to trawl worldwide it may take a minute or two!

If your book is relatively common and you expect many copies to be found, then choosing one listing service will get the first batch of results much more quickly. Do this by unflagging the ones you don’t want (with a click). You can always go back and check the others later.

After the search has been carried out you may get ‘ -1 ‘ (minus one) against some of the sites. This indicates that there was a timeout on that site or the site is down for some reason. Selecting that site in isolation should give accurate counts if the problem was just a timeout.



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